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welcome winter by lunadoodle welcome winter :iconlunadoodle:lunadoodle 2 6
give them me.
                                            Give them me.
i love your hands,
                             darting across your guitar like dark graceful spiders.
          your heart,
                            which once I thought as mine, which I saw in your eyes,
:iconlunadoodle:lunadoodle 3 13
Getting Under You
My heart seemed unreachable, strong
To me at least
I thought my armour would hold out,
That my heart, once lost and broken, would be wise this time
But then i met you
Gently, carefully, you peeled away my protection, leaving my heart behind, healed and vunerable, like it hadnt been in years
I didn't even notice, until it was too late
Until i was so close to being completly and utterly in love with you, that it scared me
It was only then that i started taking my 'crush' for you you siriously
Only then did i realise how your laugh sounded, and how your eyes were gold in the sunlight
Only then did i notice that my heart felt lighter when you smiled at me, that the sound of your voice was one of my favorite things to listen to, let alone the things you said
It was a while till i realised you felt the same way
But soon,
I knew what it felt like to be under you
metaphorically i mean...
You make me so happy
I hope i never have to get over
:iconlunadoodle:lunadoodle 4 15
Getting Over You
you see that self respect you have?
all those thoughts and feelings that made you feel beautiful, unique, interesting , worth anyones time?
Disgard them.
Take every single one, and extract them from your mind, your brain, your soul, and throw them away.
You see the gaping pit left over in that pathetic bland thing you call a personality?
It needs to be filled.
Fill it with hatred, if not for the one who broke your heart, then for your feelings for them.
Even hatred for yourself will do.
Now, deep within the poison you have poured into your soul in sickening treacle thick waves, bury your heart.
Coat it in the hardening slime, and take those shattered pieces that you so treasured, and fit them in the best you can.
You see?
Almost as good as new...
:iconlunadoodle:lunadoodle 4 10
Years I've Loved
                                                 Years I’ve loved
Years I’ve loved, yet no return
And though your love I’ve tried to earn
It seems I still have more to learn
I know I love you for if I see
Another man, I compare to thee
Their eyes, your hair
The way you laugh, how I take care
To never cry while you are there
:iconlunadoodle:lunadoodle 3 6
Chapter 2- Moonstone
As Harry regained consciousness he was aware of people around him arguing.
“Do you know who he is?”
“Err… food?”
“Harry Potter! Are you proposing to eat Harry Potter, saviour of the wizarding world?”
“Why not?”
At this point Harry chose to open his eyes,
“Oh, he’s awake!”
The blurry images before him represented a tall fair being and two huge four legged creatures, two looking at him curiously and the other hungrily. As his vision cleared he realized the two were huge wolves. The small boy, frozen with fear, could not look away from the wolf that was hungrily licking his
:iconlunadoodle:lunadoodle 1 2
1st chap of The Lunar- Lupus
Disclaimer: am i blonde? yes!
                  British? yes!
                  Rich and owning Harry potter universe? no
Lupus I
Some where dark on privet drive, two green eyes checked a clock. 3:30. Good.
A blanket containing 2 small objects dropped out of a window and silently hit the grass. Just as silently the 5 year old lightly jumped out and landed on his feet. Checking that the contents of the blanket were safe he set out towards the darkness of the park.
As soon as he entered the shadows of the trees he crept to a tree in the middle of the small wood. He carefully made his way to the top and climbed till he could see the moon –almost full. Settling him self in the curve of a branch he
:iconlunadoodle:lunadoodle 2 3

Random Favourites

BellaDon'tSayThat.x. by LucyRose-OMGx BellaDon'tSayThat.x. :iconlucyrose-omgx:LucyRose-OMGx 2 2 Scar's Daughter by LucyRose-OMGx Scar's Daughter :iconlucyrose-omgx:LucyRose-OMGx 26 7
Edward Cullen poem
Running through the forest
I think of my love
What she means to me
And what I'd do for her
I'd give up blood
Go on national TV
I don't think there's anything
I wouldn't do
But as I come into the clearing  
I think of one thing
As a bird swoops by
And my heart follows its soft song
I will not take this from her
This life this wonder
It's all there for her to take
But why does she choose me?
I run through the night
Following a familiar path
I find myself outside her window
Wondering if I'm allowed in
I have almost decided
When I stop and look out
Upon the shimmering night
Thinking maybe this isn't so bad
When I reach her bed  
She is still fast asleep
In her own little dream world
And I hope I'm with her there
As the first light
Spills over her face
I am still unsure
About what is best for her
For I know if I change her
I will be taking so much away
But if I leave her unprotected
What will happen then
But it does not need to be decided now
It can wait another day
:iconwatercolorrr:watercolorrr 436 320
Twilight's Edward Cullen by kibasgirl4ever Twilight's Edward Cullen :iconkibasgirl4ever:kibasgirl4ever 785 1,661 Bella - BD Spoiler by nami64 Bella - BD Spoiler :iconnami64:nami64 5,590 588 Edward Cullen by x-fallen-x-angel-x Edward Cullen :iconx-fallen-x-angel-x:x-fallen-x-angel-x 327 9 Cullen Chibis by Rinian Cullen Chibis :iconrinian:Rinian 3,416 365 I Stalk-Edward Cullen by wintair I Stalk-Edward Cullen :iconwintair:wintair 817 231 Edward by Brookers Edward :iconbrookers:Brookers 851 278 I want Edward Cullen by Grrote I want Edward Cullen :icongrrote:Grrote 1,499 301 Edward Cullen by xXinsanevampireXx Edward Cullen :iconxxinsanevampirexx:xXinsanevampireXx 1,083 149
I think, At some point,
Everyone dreams of finding..
An Edward.
Someone whose name you call, or whisper.
And he's right there waiting.
Someone who hums a lullaby,
And holds you close, as you drift off.
Someone who seems to just glitter, in the Sunlight,
Whose eyes are often Topaz,
And Reassuring.
Someone who takes you to dinner,
And ignores the pretty waitress.
Someone who follows you,
Watches you always,
Secretly, Just to be sure..
You're always okay.
Someone Romantic,
Yet has a good sense of humor.
Someone Ancient, Yet Young.
Who'll save your life, No matter what.
Who cries when you're injured.
Someone who cleans out even the deadliest wounds,
However impossibly hard it may be.
Someone to take you to your prom,
Dispite your complaints,
Who teaches you to waltz,
As you stand on his feet.
Someone who just knows when it's time.
When forever really means forever.
And takes you away,
For years to come.
:iconhatzeh:Hatzeh 2,258 1,072
Edward Cullen by zuuchan Edward Cullen :iconzuuchan:zuuchan 512 29 Little Sister by YonderLlama Little Sister :iconyonderllama:YonderLlama 1 1
10 Ways to Annoy Rosalie Hale
10 Ways to Annoy Rosalie Hale
10. Tell her that, because everyone thinks she and Jasper are twins, they should get together. When she asks why, say that Incest is in at the moment.
9. Call her “Ice Queen” behind her back and to her face.
8. Whenever she argues anything, respond with “Whatever, bimbo.”
7. Claim that being a human ain’t so great.
6. When she argues the above claim, respond with “Whatever, bimbo.”
5. Try to exorcise her and her evil ways.
4. Tell everyone that Edward didn’t go to Italy because Rosalie said Bella was dead – he went to Italy because he envisioned Rosalie’s ugly face.
3. Call her “Hoe-salie” at least once, to her face.
2. Remind her that Edward chose a pathetic human girl over her.
And the Number One way to annoy Rosalie Hale?
1. Steal her silver cell phone and change the ringtone to “Roxanne” by The Polic
:iconnikatil:nikatil 1,587 367
10 Ways to Annoy Jasper Hale
10 Ways to Annoy Jasper Hale
10. Beg him not to eat you.
9. Inform him that he seems to be the “depressed” Cullen.
8. Go up to him, look him in the eye and ask if he is hungry.
7. Spell his name with two “a”’s (Jaspar) and call him Jaspar Cullen. When he objects, saying his name is Jasper Hale, wave your hand at him and tell him all that blood must have gone to his brain.
6. Tell him only girls feel emotions. Then giggle and run away.
5. Dress up in a cape and fangs and leap out in front of him when he is least expecting it, proclaiming you have come to suck his blood.
4. Send out waves of lust and see how he reacts.
3. When he gets too close made your fingers into the sign of the cross and cry, “The power of Christ compels you!”.
2. Splatter red paint all over his and Alice’s room and videotape his reaction.
And the Number One way to annoy Jasper Hale?
1. Whenev
:iconnikatil:nikatil 2,297 497



rosie powell
United Kingdom
Current Residence: some were in england
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Favourite photographer: Im Insulted that theres no fave book thing so im using this- The Bell Jar
Favourite style of art: cartoon, detailed or not
MP3 player of choice: i pod
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Skin of choice: my own
Favourite cartoon character: betty boop
Personal Quote: 'no, but its like mush, dont you see?'

woots winter!

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 21, 2009, 2:44 AM

i love winter to the point of murdering grammar, its a time of blanket forts, hot drinks, wooly jumpers and yet more excuses for hugs >.<
and hopefully snow?
anyways life is awsome once again, and im so happy its the weekend =D
more journal skins =3
god ive down loaded so many its hard to choose...


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